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Adult Medicine

Adult in person and telehealth visits available.

All of our physicians specializing in adult medicine are certified or board eligible by the American Board of Family Medicine or the American Board of Internal Medicine, and must be re certified every 7 to 10 years.

HealthPoint’s Advanced Nurse Practitioners provide services similar to those of a Physician. Every Advanced Nurse Practitioner has received formal training and is licensed by the state.

HealthPoint’s Physician Assistants provide services similar to those of a Physician. Every Physician Assistant has received formal training and works under the supervision of a Physician.

All HealthPoint Family Medicine Providers see adults. Click here for the list of providers.

We understand that your healthcare needs will change over time, especially as an adult. 

So whether you need a yearly wellness exam, or more focused chronic disease management, our adult medicine providers are here to help.

Check-Ups Are Important Even When You Are Feeling Healthy

Even if you aren’t sick, it is necessary to have regular check-ups and preventative screenings. Many conditions are caught early during check-ups leading to better health outcomes. Frequency of check-ups depend on your age, gender, health history, and family health history. Ask your provider for your frequency recommendation.

All insurances, including Medicare, pay for checks-ups once per year. If enrolled in Medicare, there’s no cost to you for your Annual Wellness Visit.

During a Check-Up or Annual Wellness Visit, your provider will:

Update your medical and family history
Check your height, weight, body mass index, blood pressure, and take other routine measurements
Get a list of all your prescriptions
Make note of any impairments
Arrange a schedule of screening tests to be performed in the next five to 10 years
Discuss risk factors you may have for certain medical conditions
Talk with you about managing your health including weight loss, physical activity, smoking cessation, fall prevention, and nutrition.

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Vaccines are important because they work to safeguard adults from serious illnesses and death caused by infectious diseases.

All patients are recommended to receive Influenza vaccine annually unless a patient has had a severe reaction in the past or has an egg allergy.

For more information on recommended immunizations, visit