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HealthPoint’s school based programs keeps kids in school by providing the services they need on-site around their class work. This reduced missed school days and work days for parents. 

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The School-Based Dental locations are equipped like any dental office and provide full dental services.

School-Based Health Services

HealthPoint operates school-based health centers in partnership with six school districts:

  • Covington Independent Public Schools
  • Erlanger-Elsmere Schools
  • Dayton Independent School District
  • Ludlow High School
  • Jessamine County Schools

Nurse Practitioners are able to diagnose and treat illness, including writing prescriptions. With this service available at school, a child can recover more quickly and be absent fewer days.

Other services available at the school-based health centers are:

  • School and sports physicals
  • Immunizations
  • Help in managing chronic illness
  • Connection to mental health services
  • Vision screenings and assistance with glasses

Students must be enrolled in the health center at their school to receive treatment.

School-Based Dental Services

School-Based Dental Services

HealthPoint operates school-based dental offices in partnership with four school districts:

  • Covington Independent Schools
  • Dayton Independent School District
  • Erlanger-Elsmere Schools
  • Ludlow High School

These offices provide full scope general dentistry. Students can get their annual cleanings or examined and treated the same day for tooth pain.